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  Dan grading successes.
Some recent photographs. Please click on a thumbnail for a larger image.

Honorary black belt for Joe Almadi.
Joe has been recognised for his courage, determination, perseverance and represents the spirit that all martial artist should embody. Well done you are a true inspiration to us all. Oss.
31st July 2017. Nick passes 5th dan karate with Steve Cox, south of England Karate organisation.
27th June 2017. Theresa Evans passes 3rd dan in Choi Hwarang Do.
20th June 2017. Theresa Evans passes 3rd dan teaching grade in American kickboxing.
16th June 2017. 1st dan: Lois Rose, Ekin Seet, Maxwell Greenland, Mete Parmak. 2nd dan: Lewis Carter.
22nd October 2016. Asia Cox, our youngest person to pass black belt in karate at 8 years old.
30th September 2016. Tracy Paterson and Jake Ratcliffe, 1st dan American kickboxing.
30th September 2016. Ben Evans, 2nd dan American kickboxing.
17th August 2016. Gemma Poole, 2nd dan Karate do Goshin Jitsu.
29th April 2016. 1st dan grading Karate do Goshin Jitsu - Riley Stephens, Jack Boyland, Toby Pemberton, Louisa Wood and Harvey Carter.
8th January 2016. Theresa Evans, 2nd dan grading Karate do Goshin Jitsu.
11th December 2015. Theresa Evans, 2nd dan grade Choi Hwarang Do.
21st July 2015. Tammy Hopkins presented her 3rd Dan in Choi Hwarang Do by instructor Mike Patton Hall.
24th July 2015. Karate do Goshin Jitsu 1st Dan grading passed by Warren Grant, Gareth Powell, Jason Butcher and Jordan Butcher.
29th May 2015. American kickboxing grading passed by Jamie Evans and Jaydon Smyth. Also Instructor Mike Patton Hall presented with his 4th Degree in Choi Hwarang do.
24th May 2015. Well done to Theresa Evans for passing her black belt in Choi Hwarang do. She has achieved black belts in Karate, Kickboxing and Choi and was awarded a special certificate for this today.
18th April 2015. Salima Parmak and Nigel Robinson pass 2nd dan grading karate do goshin jitsu Lewis Carter and Sebastian Pemberton pass 1st dan grade karate do goshin jitsu
9th January 2015. Michael Barlow American Kickboxing grading.
18th December 2014. American kickboxing 2nd dan grade passed by Theresa Evans.
13th June 2014. Louie Poole, Gemma Poole, Theresa Evans, Ben Evans, Josh O'Brien and Joseph Sullivan, 1st dan black belt karate do goshin jitsu grading.
4th March 2014. Rachel Comley and Jordy Tubb, American Kickboxing.
14th February 2014. Rebecca Dewfall, American Kickboxing.
2nd November 2013. Black belt 1st dan karate do goshin jitsu. Successful students were Will Fleming, Chloe Seet, Tom Donnelly, Tom Stephens, Tom Grant.
It was watched and attended by paralympian and medallist Stephanie Millward.
21st July 2013, Ben Evans, Theresa Evans and Phil Greenaway, American kickboxing.
20th April 2013, Lee Llewellyn and Daniel Cottle, Karate-do goshin-jutsu.
28th October 2012, Alyssa Butcher, American kickboxing. 8 years old, youngest black belt from Martial Arts Leisure.
25th October 2012, 2nd dan American kickboxing. Alex Vardy and Jordan Butcher.
20th October 2012, 1st dan karate-do goshin-jitsu. Aidan Pick and Nigel Robinson
12th August 2012, American Kickboxing. Cain Tufton, Alex Dobbins, Carolanne Hopkins and Tammy Hopkins
James Pemberton 1st dan karate-do Goshin-jitsu, 1st July 2012
Jack Bristow 22nd October 2011
Shara Stringer passes 1st dan in karate do goshin jitsu on 2nd July.
The youngest student to reach black belt, aged 9.
American kickboxing junior assistant 2nd dan grading on 4th May 2011.
Sophie Shepherd, Victoria Kingwell, Matthew Vowell.
Karate-do Goshin Jutsu 1st dan belt grading on 9th April 2011.
Sebastian Proch.
American Kickboxing black belt grading on 29th January 2011.
Jason Butcher, Harry Fletcher, Andy Nokes.
American Kickboxing black belt grading on 30th October 2010.
Jordan Butcher, Alex Vardy, Jean Luc Cumming.
Choi Hwarang Do black belt grading on 30th October 2010.
Tammy Hopkins
Pete Carr, Karate do Goshin Jitsu black belt, 18th september 2010
Will Seager and Aaron Brock: 11th september 2010
Mike Hopkins: 14th august 2010